How much money really goes unclaimed in the EuroMillions each year? Our finding will astonish you – find out more inside.

  • Over 15% misplace their tickets within the first two weeks of purchasing from shop.
  • Millions of pounds go unclaimed throughout the UK each year
  • 5 major would-be winners missed out on £1 Million on the EuroMillion’s since February 2016.

It’s a lottery player’s worst nightmare, a misplaced ticket you think might be worth millions. But it turns out lottery players may not be the most fastidious individuals after all. As a sobering amount of money goes unclaimed in 2016 so far.

It’s been revealed by World lottery Club, that £13,626,560.00 has gone unbanked via the National lottery in the UK this year.

Unwitting winners purchasing their tickets through their local shops are misplacing million pound prizes in there droves, with many absolutely oblivious to their costly blunders. With unchecked tickets scrupulously disregarded and misplaced after the first 2 weeks, it’s no wonder that millions are going unclaimed.

With 75% of players believing that they will eventually win the Lottery – it also means that 1 in 4 people play without the expectation of winning, which further confirms the findings.

Martyn and Kay Tott found out the hard way – By the time the couple had realised that they had lost a £3 Million winning ticket, it was already too late.

It was announced after a 7-week long investigation into the couples £3 Million concern that the misplaced ticket was a winner.

The investigation uncovered that the ticket was genuine, but past the 30 day time-limit on reporting lost tickets. Concluding that the couple were not legible for the big win.

Showing sometimes, it’s better to play safe and secure online and have your winnings credited straight into your account.

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